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Using gift cards as a non-taxable trivial benefit

Save up to £48.10 per trivial benefit that you give   What is a trivial…
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3 ways to use eGift codes for supporting employees with rising living costs

With rising inflation and soaring energy prices, it's no surprise that 89% of UK adults…
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15 ideas for rewarding employees for great customer service

Did you know that 84% of employees feel more loyalty to a company that rewards…
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Gifts form an emotional connection that discounting can never achieve

Savvy marketers are realising discounts ruin brand image and slash margins, but gifts and rewards…
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10 ways to engage with your customers online

The golden ticket to winning and retaining customers is to keep them engaged. Effectively connecting…
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Facts about the true impact of reward systems on employee retention

  Employee turnover is a costly business. Once you factor in the time and effort…
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It’s Like 150+ Rewards in One Card

There’s something to delight everyone because the MAX Prepaid Card is accepted online and in-store at over 150 popular retailers, restaurants, sporting goods stores and even charities.

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