Festive Gifts You Can Reward Your Employees

08 Sep 2021

The festive season is the ideal time to express your appreciation to your staff. The year is coming to an end and people are preparing for the holidays. Getting a little something special for your employees is incredibly valuable.

Present exchanges are common at the end of the year, even though they’re not required. Bosses everywhere are searching for gifts, whether it’s for a particular holiday – Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali or New Year’s – or just to commemorate the passing of another year.

Finishing the year on a good note is critical for ensuring that everybody returns to work in the new year motivated and ready to go-and one of the simplest ways to do so is through employee reward.

What are five great gift cards to give to employees? Here’s some ideas that will make your employees happy this year:

Gift Cards

First of all, some insight into why gift cards are such a great idea.

Gift cards are one of the fastest, simplest and most effective gifts possible. People don’t realise that giving a gift card actually means giving the gift of choice as well!

Multi-retailer gift cards allow your staff to choose where and how they want to spend. You can be sure that your employees will get something they truly want with this added layer of flexibility.

When distributing gift cards, the presentation counts for a lot. Present them with personalised messages and feature your own branding where possible. If able, hand them out in person with a word of thanks for that employees’ contributions during the year.

Gift Card No. 1: One4all

From retail therapy to holiday packages, One4all offers the choice of all. With over 140 brands on the card, you can be safe in the knowledge that there really is something to suit every single one of your employees.

BONUS: There are a variety of festive One4all card designs available for you to choose from, to emphasise your holiday message!

Gift Card No. 2: Beauty & Spa Favourites

There is a lot to be said about businesses that understand the value of work–life balance. Encouraging your staff to take some time out for themselves can be extremely beneficial to your employees’ productivity and wellbeing.

With Beauty & Spa Favourites, there are hundreds of locations and treatments to choose from. What better way to spend a day or two of your Christmas holiday?

Gift Card No 3: Restaurant Favourites

It wouldn’t be Christmas without food. Studies show that employees want their rewards to link back to their favourite hobbies*, and it seems that the most important one of all is eating out with 75% of British adults eating out at least once a month!**

Restaurant Favourites provides a diverse choice of 12 restaurant chains that span different cuisines and have thousands of outlets across the UK.

*Your People Have Spoken: A Blackhawk Network guide to the ultimate employee engagement strategy
**Restaurant Insights 2020 report

Gift Card No. 4: Kids’ Favourites

A great way to reward your employees is to recognise their personal lives. For those who have children, why not send a Kids’ or Teen Favourites card. These multi-retailer gift cards offer the choice of both educational and entertainment brands – so your staff can either spend quality time with their offspring, or spend the value on all important school supplies for the new year.

Gift Card No. 5: Gamers’ Favourites

What better way to encourage your staff to chill out over the festive holidays than to give them a gift card that promotes sitting on the sofa! Gamers’ Favourites is a great, outside the box option. Whether it’s because your employees are hardened gamers who’d appreciate the value for themselves… or they’d appreciate the peace and quiet from keeping the kids pre-occupied!

Do you want to buy gift cards in bulk for your employees?

We have a range of over 200 gift cards and eGifts that can be purchased in bulk all year round. In addition to the multi-retailer gift cards detailed above, we have plenty of single-brand cards from popular high street brands available.

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