What Are Five Good Holiday Gifts For Employees?

29 Nov 2021

We’ve all been there: you’re on the hunt for a holiday gift for an employee. You want to be thoughtful, but also don’t want to spend too much time or money. What are some good options?

Every year around this time, employers everywhere are looking for that special something to give employees as a token of appreciation during this festive season. It’s not always easy finding just the right thing—you don’t want it to be too personal, yet it has got to feel like something they will enjoy receiving from their boss.

With gift giving in mind, here are five great ideas worth considering if you’re stuck trying to think of what would make a thoughtful present that doesn’t cost too much money.

It pays to begin thinking about holiday gift-giving early, whether you’d like to buy individual staff gifts or give gifts in bulk for the upcoming holiday season. Here are five tips for providing the most successful employee appreciation program.

Gift cards

Gift cards are often a great choice for a holiday present, particularly if you have a large number of employees. People don’t just use them, they enjoy them, especially after the holidays when they seek new restaurants to try out or new places to shop.

When you need to get an idea for your group members, see where each person likes to shop online or eat and stay. If you feel a little ambitious you can throw in several new places. Gift cards are great because they:

  • Are a gift that’s always appreciated
  • Are great for the person who has everything
  • Allow people to treat themselves and their loved ones
  • Make it easy to buy the right gift for anyone
  • Save time on shopping and wrapping each individual present
  • Are a gift that can be enjoyed after the holidays when people need them most


Extra noise can’t always be avoided, but your teammates who need to stay focused may be significantly distracted. We are sure earbuds are more useful than you would think, particularly if you have a noisy bunch from time to time. Different brands are available for various phones, so you might like to make sure you’re not buying earbuds with the wrong connection for your employees.

Personalized mugs

There isn’t a single workplace we know that doesn’t have a dedicated coffee drinker or a coffee maker. You might consider personalizing corporate mugs for all members of your team. Surely these mugs will be useful and are an excellent way to increase morality.

When people work for a personalized organization, they feel more at ease. Have hats, t-shirts, and more available so your employees feel more willing to participate and help your organization develop.


Books can take you on an entire journey and many people enjoy receiving them as gifts. Consider handing out books this year. You might even poll the team to see what they’re interested in and what kinds of books they’d like to read.

You may even find out what your team members are interested in. This can inspire the team to start their own book club or hold a contest to see who can read the most books in a year.

More time off

For your company, your team works hard. You don’t have the company you have without them. Therefore, why not show more admiration with some extra holiday days this year?

They may require a few more days of mental wellbeing. So, giving them extended vacation shows your teams that you are concerned about their happiness and health. Motivating people to take their time off guarantees you have healthy, happy staff all year round.

Regardless of the size of the company, holiday gifts foster a culture of appreciation in the company, encouraging happiness. Buying seasonal presents for your workers should feel like a memorable opportunity to celebrate them, not a frustrating chore amid a Q4 whirlwind.

Let’s hope these pointers help you in creating great moments with your staff and kicking off a successful year in your company.

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