Customer Rewards that Keep Them Coming Back

Create meaningful customer connections and deliver joy with the right rewards. Offering rewards as part of your customer incentives strategy is a great way to improve customer acquisition, advocacy, loyalty and retention.

And if something goes wrong, nothing says ‘we’re sorry’ like a quickly-sent reward. Sending rewards your customers really want can help ensure the success of your program.


Why Blackhawk Network On Demand for your customer rewards program?

Because ordering rewards should be hassle-free for you—and receiving rewards should be a joy for your customers


Your customers want to be appreciated as individuals, so personalize your delivery. Show your customers they’re valued by including their name along with a brief message.


Easily add your logo to an existing Mastercard® or Visa® prepaid card or boost your brand by creating your own completely custom card design. You can even add your logo to the card carrier.

Easy on-boarding

Our quick account set up and convenient self-service platform makes ordering your customer rewards simple and hassle free.

Fast delivery

Impactful customer rewards are the ones that get there fast! That’s why we focus on same-day delivery for digital rewards and quickly ship all physical card orders.

Help build customer loyalty with rewards

Customer rewards are perfect for any occasion

Acquisition and growth campaigns

Customer loyalty and appreciation

Advocacy: Surveys, testimonials, referrals

App downloads, new product trials

Research and donor program participation

Appeasements and apologies

The right customer rewards for your program

Individual or bulk, digital or physical, prepaid cards or gift cards from top national brands? The choice is yours. We even offer exclusive themed and multi-brand rewards you can’t find anywhere else.

Not sure which rewards are the right rewards for your employee incentives program?
No problem. Our experts are here to help.

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